Wow Active by Premier Education

What is Wow Active?

The WOW Active Physical Programme has been developed by Premier Education to improve and monitor children’s physical literacy and activity levels. It is delivered to schools as a fully inclusive scheme and supports every child to achieve their personal best scores.

Wow Active was introduced to our learners by Coach Sham on Monday 27th November to great enthusiasm for pupils from Reception to Year 6.

Our learners will carry out the same activities twice again each year, so that support, monitor and assess each of the learners throughout the year. 

The Activities

All classes carried out the following (adapted as required according to needs):

  • Step Ups on the bench
  • Side sets using the bench
  • Star jumps or frog jumps (dependent on age)
  • Hoop Jumps
  • Shuttle Runs!

Sports Leaders

Our sports leaders helped Coach Sham and the teachers to show the younger children how to complete an activity correctly and safely, counting the number of steps and offering extra assistance and encouragement as required.

We had sheets to record our scores on each exercise, and most importantly we were active, fit and happy with our efforts and results. This also goes to show, if you try you will eventually succeed. If you fail, try again even if you have lost all hope. 

Jamie, Year 6

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