Religious Education at St Luke’s

As a Church of England Primary School we dedicate ourselves to providing a Christian environment that offers all children the highest quality of teaching and learning opportunities.

Religious Education has a high profile in school life with lessons providing fully for the needs of all learners. We have adopted the SDBE RE Syllabus across the school, enhancing the units to fit the needs of our learners and nature of our school community. RE is taught by enthusiastic and motivated teachers who inspire the learners. Learners develop a clear understanding of Christianity and a broad range of religious beliefs. The learners use their skills of enquiry, analysis, interpretation, reflection and evaluation to understand the impact of religion on believers.

Learners have a thorough knowledge and sound understanding of the Christian faith through a wide range of learning opportunities, such as weekly Religious Education lessons, daily acts of collective worship, church services and educational visits to all different places of worship. We include a local area Faith Walks to support our learners’ understanding of the multi faith nature of our local community. Learners are able to make real links between the beliefs, practices
and value systems of the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist and Hindu faith.

Our Religious Education Curriculum