Design and Technology at St Luke’s

At St Luke’s C of E Primary school, DT skills are taught discretely and through our Curriculum themes, ensuring all children access all areas of the Design Technology Curriculum. In Early Years Foundation Stage, Design and Technology is an integral part of topic work, relating aspects of the children’s work to the objectives set out in the Early Learning Goals, and Expressive Arts and Design.

Our Intent for Design and Technology

The learners at St. Luke’s Primary not only have the opportunity to develop their creativity, but they also actively engage with local and global artists. This allows children to access the ideas of other cultures, imagine different possibilities, take risks and explore outcomes. Learners have the opportunity to try out a variety of skills, methods and techniques through a wide range of media. Children develop their awareness of colour, shape, texture and pattern throughout their time at St. Luke’s.

How we Implement our Design and Technology Curriculum

In line with our curriculum drivers, we ensure that the planned activities our children undertake are challenging, motivating, relevant and enjoyable. Our Design curriculum is taught through a thematic, creative approach with specific learning goals for international mindedness and for personal learning based on the IPC personal goals of cooperation, communication, thoughtfulness, respect, resilience and morality.

  • Throughout units of learning, pupils have opportunities to analyse, evaluate,
    complete a design and create a final project that incorporates a wide range of
    taught skills.
  • We develop our learners’ confidence in their work by providing continual support
    and encouragement.
Our Design and Technology Curriculum

Our Planned Impact

Our children enjoy the self-expression that they experience in Design & Technology. They are always keen to learn new skills and work hard to perfect those shown to them. Through their design outcomes, the children are able to reach out into the community and be confident construction artists that have the key skill to evaluate and improve continuously.

Skills Progression in Design and Technology

D&T Evidence of Teaching and Learning

Design and Technology Knowledge Organisers

Our Knowledge Organisers for each subject can be found on the class pages on this website. Click here to access.

Design and Technology - Useful Websites

Below are links to several websites that you may find useful:

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