St Luke’s 3 v 2 Oliver Goldsmith

09/03/2024   9.30am   Rosendale Playing Fields

This was our first match since our league game played on 16 December 2023.  Several matches were cancelled again due to the poor weather in between those dates.

It was a close match throughout the game but St Luke’s snatched a goal near the end to win 3-2.

Oliver Goldsmith scored first to make it 0 -1

Then Matthias scored for us twice.  The first goal was a fabulous free kick in the top right hand corner.  The second was on the back of a save from their goalkeeper from a shot on target from Moaaz.

Then Oliver Goldsmith scored to make it level at 2-2.

Then Tyaine scored for the win.

As we have 2 girls in our team, Coach Sham selects the Player of the Match.

Player of the match: Matthias  (pictured with his brother and named with parental permission)

Warm up

The match

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