School Journey – Year 5

At St Luke’s, pupils in Year 5 experience a week on school journey.  Leaving school on the Monday and returning on the Friday, with five days of activities that pupils may not normally participate in, is an important experience. In May, pupils stayed at PGL’s Windmill Hill and had the opportunity to take part in abseiling, All Aboard, archery, disc golf, Giant Swing, fencing, sensory trail, rifle shooting and trapeze.  As well as learning more independence while staying over four nights and acquiring new skills, learners had to work together to enable the activities to work.  It was fantastic to see all the children overcome their fears, build up their confidence and support each other along the way.


Learners walked up to the top of the tower, over 10 metres high.  Once set up, they had to climb over the rail, walk backwards off the top and walk slowly down to the bottom, suspended by a rope! 

Although not all the learners abseiled down the tower, they all went off the barrier.  Great support from their team mates cheering from on from the ground below. 


All Aboard

The aim of All Abroad is for all 4 team members to climb up a 6 metre pole and reach the small platform at the top. As each team member climbs up and stands on the platform, balancing becomes harder.  

Co-operation, teamwork and encouragement  were essential in this activity.  


A cross between trampolining, basketball and volleyball.  4 players, 2 on each team, learnt the basics and the rules.  


Invididual success includes accuracy, control and a steady hand! Listening is also essential to ensure the learners are safe with their bows and arrows.

Balloon Splash

The learners loved this evening event.  They worked in teams to complete games to earn coins.  With the coins, they were able to buy items to create a contraption to protect their water balloon going splat!  

Communication, quick decision making and not taking yourself too seriously in the challenges was key! 

Such laughter!


Definitely a new challenge to all our learners.  All our learners participated in Canoeing. Learners were shown how to position themselves correctly, how to paddle forward, backwards and to turn. During the games played, the learners were using their newly learnt skills to try and win!  Communication was the key, listening to the instructor as well as their partner, otherwise the learners found themselves go around in circles or trapped in a corner.

Climbing Wall

Pupils need resilience, strength, flexibility, new skills and ability to deal with heights to climb the outdoor climbing tower. One friend acted as their belay partner while their other team mates encouraged and advised them on the best path to take to reach as far as they were able. On their subsequent climbs, learners climb higher or took on challenges, for example just using blue grips.

Disc Golf

A fun and competitive game throwing the frisbee disc at 9-holed disc course.  


The learners needed good hand and eye co-ordination and quick reactions for their fencing sessions.  Pupils practised drills and games to show the instructors that they were ready to use their foils and compete against each other.  

Giant Swing

The Giant Swing was a favourite amongst the learners.  While their team members haul them up into the air.  Once the learners decided on their at their preferred height, one of them pulled on the ripcord and begin to swing!

Such screams of laughter! 

Most of the learners went higher on their second go.  As the height of the swing was a decision made between 2 or 3 pupils, some pupils switched with like minded pupils who wanted to go to the top, 10 metres in the air!

Jacob's Ladder

A mixed reaction amongst our learners.  Some of them managed to climb to the top and others only want to climb 2 or 3 of the logs. Learners had to use their strength to climb each log which had a wider gap between each log.   Team mates on the ground had to help with the ropes.  


Pupils worked together to locate control points across Windmill Hill.  Competing against other groups, each group had to learn to map read, made joint decisions and correctly judge distances.  

Zip Wire

Some of the pupils problem solved outdoors while other problem solved indoors (hiding from a couple of hours of torrential rain).  Pupils were set various problems and had to watch and listen for clues on how to solve the problems.  

Rifle Shooting

Like archery, rifle shooting involved a steady hand, patience, concentration and accuracy, as well as controlling their breathing.  Again, safety was paramount when using the lighweight air rifles.  

Sensory Trail

A wet morning didn’t dampen the enthusiasm for the sensory trail. Playing games to enable the learners to adapt to the lack of one of their senses. Then experiencing the sensory trail using their other senses to compensate for their lack of sight.  Although they were a few sneaking peeks, most of the time the learners trusted their team mates as their moved around the trail.  



The trapeze starts with climb to the top of a 6 metre pole.  Then, they climbed onto the small platform.  They they had the option to leap and grab the trapeze!  

Whether they leapt or stopped on the platform, all learners were then pulled down by their instructor and team mates.  

Zip Wire

Once safety secured, learners left the high platform and zip wired across a third of the site!  It proven very difficult to take photos as the children whizzed past!

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