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St Luke’s Football Team

Pupils participating in competitions with other teams is important to St Luke’s and we use a part of the Sports Funding Grant to facilitate the football team to have a coach through Premier Sports, participating in the Lambeth and Southwark 9×9 Football League. We also fund the football team to have an afterschool club on Fridays to train for the matches and Years 2 & 3 football training on . The football team is open to both girls and boys.

We also have Girls United, who come into school weekly to work with groups of girl footballers in Year 6.

2023-2024 Season

The next game is:

Saturday 4th May 2024 at 10.45am, playing at Rosendale Playing Fields.

Support is always welcome and appreciated.

Current Table

C Division up to and including 27 April 2024

Lambeth & Southwark Schools Football (L&SPSF)

Judith Kerr650110
Crown Lane63036
St. Luke’s 42024
Oliver Goldsmith61143
Richard Atkins61143
Holy Trinity00000
Results - Division C

Saturday 27 April

St Luke’s 2 v 4 Judith Kerr

A good game against the league’s 2nd place team.

Scorers: Amari and Matthias 

Matthias is now our joint lead scorer with 10 goals (along with David, who is now in Year 7). 

Player of the match: Amari

For images of the game, please click below.

St Luke’s 2 v 4 Judith Kerr



Saturday 23 March 2024

St Luke’s 0 v 2 Richard Atkins

A frustrating game with 3 of our main players missing, making a difference to our defence and forwards.

Player of the match: Bradley

An opposition parent told us that us what a family school we were, as he noted our support.  Watching the game, we had families of the players, ex-pupils, current pupils and families (not related to the team players), Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, School Business Manager and School Clerical Officer.


Saturday 9 March 2024

St Luke’s 3 v 2 Oliver Goldsmith

This was our first match since our league game played on 16 December 2023.  Several matches were cancelled again due to the poor weather in between those dates.

It was a close match throughout the game but St Luke’s snatched a goal near the end to win 3-2.

Oliver Goldsmith scored first to make it 0 -1

Then Matthias scored for us twice.  The first goal was a fabulous free kick in the top right hand corner.  The second was on the back of a save from their goalkeeper from a shot on target from Moaaz.

Then Oliver Goldsmith scored to make it level at 2-2.

Then Tyaine scored for the win.


As we have 2 girls in our team, Coach Sham selects the Player of the Match.

Player of the match: Matthias

For images of the game, please read the newsfeed.


Saturday 16 December 2023

St Luke’s 4 v 0 Glenbrook

It was a good game in which we thought we had scored 5 goals to win the match. However, the official record on the Lambeth & Southwark website says that the score was 4 – 0.

We thought the scorers were as follows:

Bradley – brace

Rex – brace



Player of the match: Bradley for his goals, hard work and unselfish play.

Special mention to Felipe for his continuous hard work.


This team play well together, providing support for each other and being unselfish.

For more details on the game, please read the newsfeed.



Results - Magazine Cup

Saturday 21st October 2023

St Luke’s 3 v 4 Woodmansterne

Magazine Cup – Round 2 

Last year, in our first match, we lost 17-3 to Woodmansterne, they won their Round 1 in this competition 9-2 and they are in League A.

Therefore, although we unfortunately lost the game by one goal, we are very proud of the team.  After a rushed start (thinking the game has been cancelled) and being 4-1 down, the team scored another 2 goals.

St Luke’s 1-0 (Mattias)
Woodmansterne 1-1
Woodmansterne 1-2
Woodmansterne 1-3
Woodmansterne 1-4
St Luke’s 2-4 (Sheldon)
St Luke’s 3-4 (Rex)

Coach Sham selected the Player of the Match as Tyaine.  Well done Tyaine.

We now await the timetable for the league

“Good game today St Luke’s unlucky!”

“The team played very well. So so proud of them all.  It was a tough team to play but they did their best!!! Well done St Luke’s.”

Saturday 7th October 2023

Globe 2 v 4 St Luke’s

Magazine Cup – Round 1

It was a great game with wonderful commitment and skill from the players and support from the families to get the players there early ready to warm up properly.

They looked quite the team!

The score was 4-2 to St Luke’s:
First goal was an own goal forced by Bradley

A mention to Matthew who has been practising his goalkeeping skills!

It was hard to choose Player of the Match so joint winners were: Rex and Bradley.

The support from the families was amazing towards all the team. It was lovely to see future, current and ex-pupils (even David who was trying to steal Mrs Atkins’s self appointed position of Assistant Manager) and fantastic to see Calvin (who played last year and is now playing for his secondary school) and Jermaine and his mum supporting.

We very much welcome the support as it makes such a difference to the players.

On St Luke’s go into round 2!

‘Super job.. go team go’ – Mrs Bryan-Whyte

‘Well done team!!!’


Previous season 2022-2023

Table 2022-2023
Lyndhurst ©970214
Camelot r/u970214
Crown Lane850310
St. Luke’s72236
Judith Kerr82064
Results 2022-2023

Saturday 13 April 2023

St Luke’s 1 v 1 Sunnyhill

it was a good game against Sunnyhill, who scored their goal first.  Sunnyhill had a denied penalty shout and St Luke’s had a goal disallowed. Either side could have won, it was end to end.  Both teams had great support from their families.

Player of the Match:
Henry – for his hard work, determination and his wonder goal!


Henry – a Scorpion

So proud of the team for their efforts, especially Year 5 after returning from school journey the day before and Year 6 finishing their SATS the day before.


Saturday 18 March 2023

St Luke’s 4 v 4 Dunraven

What a game that was! We were winning 2-1 and then the other team scored (an offside goal, in our opinion). Suddenly we were 4-2 down.  A great team effort and determination to get back into the game despite being two goals down, and it ended 4-4!

Player of the Match:
It’s really hard to pick one player for Player of the Match as they all played well in their different position.


Hat trick from David and a goal from Matthias.

So proud of the team for their efforts.


Saturday 25 February 2023

Wyvil 3 v 1 St Luke’s

Such an exciting game. We had lots of goal scoring opportunities and hit the woodwork several times. Unfortunately the score was 3-1 with Matthias scoring our goal.

Well done to our new goalkeeper Henri and also Wilson and Henos who joined us today.

Player of the Match:
Renae as she had a great game dribbling and getting stuck in with tackles.




Saturday 4 February 2023

St Luke’s 2 v 6 Judith Kerr

It wasn’t to be again this week however there was some great play. David and Akhai scored our goals. Lots of great saves, tackles, passes and nearly goals.

Thank you as always to our football team and families. We totally understand that you can’t always attend but we are very grateful for all to do to support us.

Player of the Match:
Coach Sham’s Player of the Match was Akhai for his determination and drive to get back into the match. Mrs Atkins thought it was a very difficult choice again this week, she also loved a jump Akhai did when he was being tackled; he jumped up over their feet and landed with the ball at his feet! There were lots of lovely skills shown throughout the game.





Saturday 28 January 2023

Lyndhurst 5 v 2 St Luke’s

Unfortunately, we suffered our first League lost. The team lost 5-2 with David scoring both of our two goals.

Player of the Match:
Well done to all our players and congratulations to Kanye for Player of the Match. It was another close choice but Kanye was calm, worked hard and stayed in position.


David (both goals)


Saturday 12 November 2022

St Luke’s 7 v 2 Judith Kerr

Thank you parents and Ms Greenway for your loud support.

Well played everybody in all positions especially those playing out of their preferred position.

Player of the Match:
Bradley for consistently working to get the ball back, his work rate and hard work

Most improved player:


David (Hattrick)
Matthias x 2


Saturday 18 October 2022

St Luke’s 6 v 2 Crown Lane
Congratulations to St Luke’s Football Team on winning their first League football match. They played a really good game against Crown Lane and we won 7-2.

Player of the Match

It was a hard decision for Coach Sham to decide the Player of the Match as everyone played very well and as a team. A special thank you for those who played in a different position than they wished or played in a position not always recognised.


Akhai x 2



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