Mission Statement and Ethos

At St. Luke’s Church of England Primary School we believe that each one of us is of equal importance in the sight of God.  We recognise the uniqueness of every individual and the contribution that each individual brings to our school community – we are all God’s special children growing together in faith, love, knowledge and understanding.  We aim to ensure that every child’s special talents are suitably challenged and developed.

We place great emphasis on academic achievement, the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of each child, and we expect high standards of behaviour and appearance.  We aim to develop independence in both work and judgement.  We want every child to be able to work well with other, showing social skills of co-operation and leadership and to be motivated to develop from a wide range of experiences.

At St. Luke’s Church of England Primary School we believe it is vital that children learn to serve God and one another. It is not only what we are taught but how we are taught; children learn and grow in understanding as much from our attitudes, our behaviour, our caring for each other and our own commitment to God. We must ensure that this is evident in our relationships with each other.

We hope all children who come to this school will enjoy their time with us and grow into happy, strong and lively members of the community.

Our Mission Statement

Christian values and high expectations are at the heart of all aspects of our school life, providing a safe, happy and inclusive learning environment where children are encouraged to develop respect, self-esteem and confidence.  We aim to find exciting ways to educate, making use of the latest development in technology.

At St. Luke’s we celebrate success and encourage everyone to achieve their full potential by working together in partnership with parents, carers, the Church and wider community. 

 It reflects a Christian understanding of God as a loving God, inspiring our work in education

 It reflects our belief about ourselves and each other as created and precious to God, unique individuals deserving of the best because they are loved by God, enabled to flourish academically and personally

 It reflects our belief about the world in that we have responsibility for its stewardship, together with respect for diversity and difference

 Our Christian vision is lived out in nurturing the Christian faith and ethos of the Church of England to enable all community members to develop spiritually, socially, intellectually and emotionally. Our vision underpins all of our policies, decision making and practices enabling individuals to live ‘life in all its fullness’. (John 10:10)

 Our Christian vision has been developed by staff, leaders /governors/faith group/in consultation with stakeholders etc.

Primary linked documents: e.g. curriculum and spiritual development policy, self-evaluation and school development plan; RE policy, Collective worship policy, Relationships and Health Education policy, teaching and learning, behaviour and inclusion policies. Also addressed in all policies as they come up for review.