New planting and growing area in EYFS

Grow and flourish

After the redevelopment of the pond area and our new natural thinkers’ area in the Summer holidays, the next natural space we wanted to create was to redevelop the concreted area between the Nursery and Reception’s outdoor learning areas.


Sprout Up’s mission is to help schools make the most of their outdoor spaces and reconnect children with nature.  Working again with Thomas Patrick Landscapes, they developed a plan to maximise this empty space between two school buildings. We are very pleased with the result as we now have two large planters either side of the space with benches.  This space is covered with a roof and with gates either end of the planters, which allows Reception and Nursery to take turns spending time in this natural environment as an extension of their outdoor learning spaces.


On Wednesday, Sprout Up Schools came into school with many plants to be re-homed.  They were assisted by a few Nursery learners in placing the plants in the new raised beds.  This will be such a lovely space to learn about plants, invertebrates and their habitats. 

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