Pupil Voice – BBC micro:bits


The school recently acquired some free BBC micro:bit to code.  Learners in Year 5 have been the first year group to try coding with them. Previously, pupils have learnt to code using Scratch.

“Today, we will be talking about our BBC micro:bit. Firstly, the BBC micro:bit is a small pocket sized computer. It has an LED light display.

Moving on, we plugged our micro:bit into our Chromebook with the cable. Then our teacher (Miss Greenway) told us to go to the microbit App. Next we had to go to Let’s Code website to use the Microsoft MakeCode, which is a programme that is used to write the code.

Afterwards, Miss Greenway gave us a worksheet with details of what we needed to code to tell the micro:bit what we wanted it to do.  After, we had to download our coding into a file from our Chromebook onto our micro:bit.  Then we could see it on our micro:bit and then it also appeared on our Chromebook screen!”

Amari and Matthew (Journalist – Year 5)


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