Magic Breakfast update

Our Breakfast Club learners have been enjoying the games and activities gifted to them by the sponsors of Magic Breakfast before Christmas.

Pupils who attend the Breakfast clubs are regularly offered baked beans and scrambled eggs along with their toast or bagels (or cereals), however for the first time on Friday, pupils who collect their toast or bagels at the gate were also offered baked beans.

We start every day with a 20 minutes soft start from 8.40am allowing pupils to settle down with some quiet reading before the school day begins at 9am. This also helps to facilitate our ‘Bagel on the go’ allowing pupils to eat in the classrooms.

As well as our members of staff who facilitate the Breakfast Club, we have a selection of pupil helpers that help in the hall or on the gate.  At the gate, self confidence is gained by our helpers welcoming pupils (mostly by name) as they enter the school premises, asking them if they would like breakfast and usually a ‘have a good day!’ to families as they start their days..

Latest News

Pupil Voice – BBC micro:bits

BBC MICRO:BIT The school recently acquired some free BBC micro:bit to code.  Learners in Year 5 have been the first year group to try coding with them. Previously, pupils have learnt to code using Scratch. "Today, we will be talking about our BBC micro:bit....

Children’s Book Project – Bookshop in a Box

In October, our learners were very exited to select a book from the Pop Up Book Hut which was loaned to us by the Childrens Book Project were provided for all our learners from nursery to Year 6. The Children's Book Project believes 'in the empowering impact of...

AI workshop

What is the difference between AI and coding?
How does AI learn what humans look like?
Do fully self-driving cars really exist?
How realistic is AI-generated art?

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