Governors’ Day at St Luke’s

As part of our regular governors’ annual schedule of visits, St Luke’s held our ‘Governors’ Day’ on 12th January.  Governors’ Day is an opportunity for governors to participate in lessons, view pupils’ books, join in Collective Worship, and eat with pupils at the Top Table at lunch time and speak to pupils.  The day shows the governors how the school is implementing our School Development Plan. 


Lessons seen in Session 1:

Busy time in Nursery

Phonics in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Guided reading in Year 3 and Year 5

PE in Year 4

Maths in Year 6


Collective Worship


Session 2:

Busy time in Nursery and Reception

English in Year 1

Maths in Year 2 and Year 3

Violin and Cellos in Year 4 and 5

PE in Year 5

Guided reading in Year 6


Meeting with Mrs Bryan-Whyte and Ms Greenway for feedback on the morning


Lunch time – eating with the learners


Afternoon – Governor Strategic planning

We are currently reviewing our vision, and the governors participated in a Vision and Values exercise.  






Great to see the willingness from pupils to help lead assembly and the comfort with which a whole range of them played leadership and public speaking roles (including leading prayer), with little preparation or nervousness.

Ollie Clarke

Chair of Governors

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