Northwood & Brixton Foodbank

St. Luke’s School is a supporter of the Foodbank (based in St. Luke’s Church).

The Foodbank relies on food donations to feed local people in crisis so please give what you can.

*Pasta sauce (no pasta please)

* Full Fat UHT milk (blue cartons)
* Tinned Pulses
* Tinned or packet custard
* Tinned fruit

* Longlife cakes
* Tinned sponge puddings

* Shower gel *Tolilet Roll *Soap

The foodbank will gladly accept any excess from allotments/gardens – runner beans, courgettes, carrots, potatoes, apples, pears.. anything that keeps well and stores well!

The Foodbank also offers advice as well as food.   The school is able to provide food vouchers for parents and their family.  Please contact Mrs Atkins, Mrs Spencer or Mrs Bryan-Whyte.