Our Partnership With Parents

We are firmly committed to the view that a close working relationship with parents will benefit your child’s education. Furthermore, good communication between home and school contributes to the quality of this partnership.

All schools are required to have a Home School agreement, which promotes a positive and productive partnership, helping parents to support their children and enabling the children to achieve more.

The agreement states:

  • the school’s responsibilities to pupils
  • the parents’ responsibilities to school
  • the school’s expectations of our pupils

 Both parents and children are invited to sign the document.

Parent Support

We welcome and value parents’ help in school, whether they have a specific talent or skill or can assist with more general activities. Parent involvement can include listening to children read, or accompanying educational visits.

School to Parent Communication

We communicate with parents in a variety of different ways:

  • Email – for general administrative information including educational visits, special events and weekly newsletters.
  • Twitter – to share information and give parents an insight into what is happening in the classroom.
  • School website – for insight into school life and practical information such as our annual calendar, term dates and letters to parents.
  • Meet the Teacher session – at the start of the school year.
  • Parent Consultations

Parent to School Communication

Teachers are happy to receive brief messages  at the beginning of the day.  We would also like to encourage parents to email the school directly at or leave a message about their child with the school office.  If parents would like a longer discussion with the class teacher, they can do so ideally with a mutually convenient pre-organised appointment.

Lunar New Year – Reception class

Lunar New Year – Reception class

Learners in Reception class had an amazing visit to the Horniman Museum.  They were extending their learning on the  Lunar New Year.

The lunar calendar is based on the cycles of the moon, the dates of the holiday vary slightly each year, falling between late January and mid-February. This year the Lunar New Year is Saturday 10th February, which marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon.  Learners attended a workshop to hear the story of the monster Nian.

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Magic Breakfast update

Magic Breakfast update

Our Breakfast Club learners have been enjoying the games and activities gifted to them by the sponsors of Magic Breakfast before Christmas.Pupils who attend the Breakfast clubs are regularly offered baked beans and scrambled eggs along with their toast or bagels...

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