Bank of England

Charles Milner, an Investment Manager and St Luke’s Governor, arranged a visit for pupils in Year 6 to tour the Bank of England, lunch on the Royal Exchange’s steps and a careers talk with another Investment Manager.

Pupils visited the ‘Stock Office’ at the museum.  This room, which was originally designed in 1793, is called the “Stock Office” and is where members of the public to manage their investments. In the shop, there are a variety of collectors’ coins, including some Harry Potter ones!  Pupils learnt what the Bank of England does; produces bank notes, keeps price stable, checks that High street banks follow the rules and holds gold!

Pupils also visited the ‘Early Years’ Room and learnt about what should be on a bank note.  In ‘The Rotunda’ the learners looked at the exhibits regarding the Future of Money. They also learnt what money is, early forms of money such as live stock and grain were bartered.

After lunch, learners looked at the surrounding buildings; The Royal Exchange, which is home to Lloyds Insurance Market and Mansion House, the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London.

Year 6 learners were then treated to a career talk with one of Mr Milner’s work colleague, learning about the difference roles in The City.

Thank you very much to Charles and his colleagues.




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