Pupil Voice – MICRO:BIT – Year 5


Today, we will be talking about our BBC micro:bits. Firstly, the BBC micro:bit is a small pocket sized computer which has an LED light display. There is an App you use to code on to use your Micro Bit but you have to download it. 

Moving on, we plugged our micro:bit in with its USB cable into our laptop. Then our teacher (Miss Greenway) told us to go to the micro:bit app. Next we had went to ‘Let’s Code’ and used Microsoft MakeCode, as the code transfers onto the micro:bit. 

Afterwards, Miss Greenway gave us a sheet with the code to be used.  After we had inputted the code, we had to download it and then it appeared on the micro:bit to create music.  

Amari and Matthew, Year 5 (Journalist Club)

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