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The Nursery is part of a Foundation Stage provision, enabling children to benefit from our early years educational expertise and leadership, and transition between nursery and reception classes – proven to enhance their life-long learning skills and emotional wellbeing.

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We provide a curriculum that is broad and balanced, personalised, motivating and inspirational, engaging and fun.

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St Luke’s Church of England Primary is a school where individuals are valued and helped to achieve their personal best. Children are supported in becoming confident and independent young people, who thrive on challenge, and are motivated to learn. All schools have their own distinctive ‘feel’ which makes each one unique. We believe that the ‘family feel’ at St Luke’s comes from our caring, supportive and friendly environment. Our school benefits from having lovely outdoor spaces including a large field, hard pitch and a nature area with a pond.

Sophia Bryan-Whyte


We believe that each child is a unique gift from God…

“We believe that each child is a unique gift from God…”

Pupils are exceptionally happy and proud to talk about their school....

“Pupils are exceptionally happy and proud to talk about their school. Leaders have high aspirations for all pupils and provide an ambitious curriculum. They place high importance on pupils understanding their community and the wider world. The school values thread through every aspect of school life. Pupils are encouraged to show their resilience and to ‘bounce back’ when faced with a challenge. ”

Ofsted, May 2023

Leaders provide pupils with a wealth of personal development opportunities...

“Leaders provide pupils with a wealth of personal development opportunities. All pupils learn to play an instrument. Leaders provide opportunities for pupils to take on roles of responsibility. Pupils are proud of the difference they make to the school community. Leaders provide an inclusive environment and opportunities for pupils to celebrate their own identity. Pupils are taught how to reflect on their actions and their work. Leaders place a high priority on reading. All staff have been trained, which ensures a consistent approach to phonics.”

Ofsted, May 2023

There is an exemplary safeguarding culture at St Luke’s...

“There is an exemplary safeguarding culture at St Luke’s and this underpins all that we do. Leaders and governors make safeguarding central to their work and understand its importance. Staff are trained to identify signs of abuse and appropriate actions to take should they have any concerns. Stringent vetting procedures are in place for any prospective employees. The school environment is safe and secure. We work effectively with other agencies to ensure all children are protected from harm.”

Ofsted, May 2023

june, 2024

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London Zoo – Habitats

London Zoo – Habitats

As part of Year 4's Science unit 'Living Things and Their Habitats', learners visited London Zoo to see their knowledge learnt in the classroom in practice. They saw a diverse range of animals and their habitats, in hot climates, dark enivornments etc. ...

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Mini Marathon

Mini Marathon

On Saturday 20th April, some of our learners ran the TCS Mini Marathon.  About 14,000 children and young people were set to run the last mile of the famous London Marathon route.  This was the third time the school has participated and we will be returning next...

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